It all started when we met a Liberian man collecting shoes......

“We met Joseph in the spring of 2005 and we were so moved by his story that we told Joseph, not only would we send the shoes he had collected, but that if he collected enough clothing, shoes and medicine, we would send a 40-foot container to Liberia."


Two men, One Mission 

October 17, 2008 6:00 AM



Mike Cambra, 55, of Rochester was born and raised in New Bedford. Joseph Deranamie, 51, was born worlds away, in a small impoverished village called Duahyu Town in the West African country of Liberia. They are close enough in age to have been schoolmates, but neither one knew of the other’s existence. They could not have foreseen that fate would involve them both in a health-care project in the war-ravaged country Mr. Deranamie had once called home.


This past July, Mr. Deranamie and Mr. Cambra traveled to the site of a new clinic that is being built in the town of Duazohn, Liberia, by Mission to Liberia, a non-profit charitable organization they and several other SouthCoast and Worcester residents and clergy established to bring much needed health care to Liberia.




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