Ann Fournier, Chairperson of Mission to Liberia, recently sat down with Dr. Rick Sacra to discuss the future of Mission to Liberia and how best to serve the needs of Liberians. Dr. Sacra knows firsthand what the immediate needs are in and around Monrovia. He has been sharing his time between the US and Liberia since 1987.  He started his medical career in Liberia as a medical student and continued his medical training in Tennessee and Massachusetts.  In 1995 he joined ‘Serving In Mission’ as a medical missionary in Liberia at the Eternal Love Winning Africa Hospital (ELWA).  He has provided patient care training

for nurses, medical students and interns.  He also initiated the founding of

ELWA’s HIV/AIDS counseling and treatment program and was the acting

director of ELWA Hospital from 2008-2010.  Currently Dr. Sacra is supported by

the SIMS  charitable organization (  He considers Liberia his

“second home” and although he contracted Ebola in 2014, he still makes his frequent

trips to work at the ELWA Hospital.



(Dr. Rick Sacra contracted Ebola while treating a pregnant woman who didn’t realize she

had the virus. He was medically airlifted to Omaha, Nebraska for treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center's bio-containment unit. He eventually recovered in September 2014).


       Mission to Liberia will continue

to investigate possible

ways we can work together


better the needs of

the Liberian people.