MTL has always had a focus on helping schools.  Our first learning service project involved the collection of children’s books.  Since that time we have held successful drives for schools supplies, text books and computers.


We are currently focused on a school “makeover.”  We have identified an elementary school (pictured below) with little more than the four walls of the building.  It is a community school and receives no funding from the government.  The building is dark and not well ventilated.  There are no blackboards, textbooks or other learning aids.  We intend to change all that in the Fall of this year.  Mission To Liberia will be addressing the needs of this school and its students by:


Installing lighting and ventilation

Installing a generator

Painting the entire interior white

Installing blackboards in every classroom

Providing a couple of computers and a digital projector

Providing textbooks and children’s books for a library



Mission To Liberia sent direct aid to Liberia in forty foot containers on an ongoing basis.  The aid was distributed to various villages and organizations throughout Liberia.  However, due to the increasing expense of shipping, Mission to Liberia has ceased shipping items to Liberia and is now focused on providing clean water and building

multi-use structures.




Imagine having no running water, none to drink, none to bathe.  Imagine walking great distances to get the water you need for the day…everyday.  Imagine this water is so contaminated it can kill you.  This, too, is Liberia.


Mission To Liberia recently completed water projects in several locations.  The need is great not only for additional well locations, but for sanitation facilities as well.  As we move forward, MTL will be addressing these issues within the communities in which we work.


A well that does not run dry in the dry season and a pit latrine should be accessible to all.




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